Roast Chicken with Mixed Mushroom Stuffing

A weekend without any plans… what heaven.

After an extremely busy week at work for both of us and knowing how hectic the next few weekends would be, Scotty and I decided we would stay at home. Best decision ever as I began the week feeling somewhat rejuvenated and ready to tackle the week ahead.

It has been freezing in Sydney recently and so what better to cook on a Sunday night then a roast chook! I was recently given a few cooking magazines to peruse and found a wonderful rustic Jamie Oliver recipie for a roast chicken with a mushroom stuffing. As it didn’t require lots of ingredients and looked easy to prepare, it seemed perfect for our relaxing weekend at home.

It was a pleasure to prepare and an even greater pleasure to eat. As the mushroom stuffing gets pushed between the flesh and the skin, the skin really darkens and crisps up when cooked. The flesh was also extremely moist and flavoursome. But the real hero of the dish were the little stuffing balls – we just couldn’t get enough of them and they were so good, they almost overshadowed the roast chook itself!

At our next dinner party we will definitely be serving these little balls of stuffing goodness as a canape.

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