Super Tasty Chicken Wraps

Italians are lovers of bread and pasta and I am no exception. It is for this reason that I try and make wraps for lunch on the weekends instead of sandwiches as it is a way of minimizing my bread intake (minimizing pasta intake is slightly less simple).

My only problem with wraps is that they usually bore me – a slice of ham, some cheese, some lettuce…Ew. Trying to eat healthily does not need to be boring. To tell the truth, if I’m given boring food to eat, I’ll usually smile politely, eat a small portion and then consume something much more tasty in its place later when no one is looking.

That’s why, when I’m trying to be healthy and make a wrap, it has to turn out super tasty. The chicken wraps below were an absolute success story. They were made using ingredients we had lying around the house (one of those ‘let’s try not to go to the supermarket’ weekends) and together made a super tasty, super healthy cracker of a dish. Most of its success is linked to the chicken marinade which made the chicken tender, juicy and packed full of flavour.


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    Thanks Lizzie, it can sometimes be hard to find verjuice (the unfermented juice of semi-ripe grapes) so a good substitute for a similar result is white wine vinegar.

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