Savoury French Toast


I’m not really a fan of sweet breakfasts. Don’t get me wrong – I love pancakes, but I’d just much rather have them after dinner as a dessert rather than first thing in the morning. The only sweet start to the day I can really fathom is toasted muesli with greek yoghurt and fruit (but the yoghurt can’t be the super sweet sort) even then, I usually eat muesli and yoghurt in the afternoon.

For years I’ve been making an Italian inspired savoury French toast. It is basically bread dipped in my perfect italian scrambled eggs mixture (eggs, continental parsley, ricotta and romano cheese). Do yourself a favour and try putting ricotta in your next scrambled egg mixture – The addition of ricotta results in light fluffy and cloud like eggs. Just the way I like them.

I never really cooked much as a young adult (why would you when your mother’s food was so spectacular) except on special family occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day when all the kids would band together and cook breakfast for mum and dad. Being much younger than my brother and sister, the time quickly came where I was the only child left at home and had sole responsibility for breakfast. It was around this time that I decided to try out a savoury French toast by soaking a soft Italian loaf in my favourite scrambled egg mixture.

It’s been one of the best breakfasts I have in my arsenal. For some reason, savoury French toast really does surprise people and yet it is such a simple idea.

I realised recently that while the blog has made me a much more competent cook, it has meant that there are some dishes in my history that I’ve never made Scott – my savoury French toast being one of them!

Last weekend, I rectified this oversight and served these little babies up to Scotty as a surprise. Well, he loved them! He commented on the depth of flavour and how wonderful they tasted with the salty bacon and creamy avocado.

If you haven’t tried your hand at savoury French toast – now is the time to give it a go!






  1. managedmacros says

    Oh yea baby!!! Look at this!! I would love to start my Sunday morning like this! LOL…what is a 'rasher?" Is that an Aussie term? 😉 I'm not a sweet breakfast fan myself!! Always savory…sweets for dessert!

  2. says

    Yes! I love savory takes on sweet breakfast foods too (and sweet takes on savory… like blueberry and maple filled breakfast sausages)! At work I always used to make myself some oatmeal, sprinkle with salt and lots of cracked pepper, drizzle with olive oil, and plop a soft-cooked egg on top. People always thought savory oatmeal was weird, but it's my favorite way to eat it.

  3. says

    So, this is weird coincidence, but I just made french toast with bacon for dinner last night! I like to indulge Andrew with breakfast for dinner every once in awhile. I love how this version of yours is savory–what a great idea. I'm definitely going to try adding ricotta the next time I make scrambled eggs too.

  4. Chewtown says

    I had no idea you didn't call them 'rashers' in the US! It's a British term that we have adopted in Australia. Rashers are basically just another word for slices!

  5. Chewtown says

    Oh wow… I love the sound of those blueberry and maple filled breakfast sausages (hope you have them on your blog!). The soft boiled egg on oatmeal sounds awesome too.

  6. Chewtown says

    Super-weird coincidence!! Definitely a sign you must make them soon :) P.S. More photos of your cute pooches please!!

  7. Chewtown says

    I must have read your mind! haha. I am glad so many people prefer savoury for breakfast – we are all kindred spirits!

  8. Chompchomp says

    French Toast always triggers memories of having breakfast in bed as a child. I suffered from severe asthma and french toast was my sicky treat from Mum. yay for mums!

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