Honey Roasted Rosemary Cashews

I recently realised that I have developed a new found love of flavouring and roasting nuts. Who would have thought!

It all started with the lemon and garlic almonds I made recently which were a breeze to cook and completely adored by all who tried them. It has now been cemented by the triumph that is these honey roasted rosemary cashews.

The circumstances that brought these nuts to fruition were related to the NRL Grand Final on Sunday and our friends C&J. Let it be known that I choose to, and will always choose to, hate sport. But while this is the case, I will never pass up an opportunity for Scotty and I to host a game day. I love designing menus for various situations and if that menu needs to be related to sport… then so be it.

Every one wins in this situation because I can cook and serve drinks while everyone else can sit on the couch and watch the game and I get to do this uninterrupted without anyone offering to help (and I do like to fuss over people – so it’s perfect).

Our game day menu Sunday went a little like this (various posts to follow):

  • Honey Roasted Rosemary Cashews
  • Mashed Potato Stuffed Crispy Potato Skins
  • Honey Soy Chicken Wings
  • Mini Caprese Salad Skewers
  • BBQ Steaks with Red Wine Butter
  • Salted Pistachio Chocolate Dipped Mega Marshmallows

Starting your home entertaining with flavoured and roasted nuts gives everyone a chance to begin munching the moment they arrive with a cold bevvy in hand – and gives me a chance to continue preparing other elements. I have realised that people are easily impressed that you have flavoured and roasted your own nuts, thinking it a huge effort. Let me let you in on a secret – they take about 5 minutes to put together and 30 minutes left alone to roast in the oven.

I seriously recommend trying to make these for your next home gathering. They are seriously better than store bought flavoured nuts.


  1. Diane, A Broad says

    I have this irrational hatred of cashews, but I bet this recipe'd work just as well with almonds. And I just found smoked paprika, so I'll be experimenting with this this week!

  2. kitchenriffs says

    I love to roast nuts, particularly when I spice them up. I have a bunch of pecans in my freezer that's waiting for me to roast them! I don't often do honey-roasted nuts, but they have terrific flavor. Really like the idea of using rosemary – the flavor must have been fabulous.

  3. Everyday Maven says

    That is one hell of a menu – love it! I also love to spic up nuts. What is "golden syrup"? I was going to assume honey but that is also listed as one of the ingredients.

  4. john@heneedsfood says

    Nuts on their own a delicious but when they're tarted up like these cashews you've made, they're spectacular! You say three weeks storage, but in this household they'd be lucky to be around for a day!

  5. Chewtown says

    Hi Alyssa, It is very different actually. Golden Syrup is made from refined cane sugar and is much darker and thicker than honey. I believe it is hard to find in America (traditionally a British condiment) so you could always substitute with Maple Syrup.

  6. managedmacros says

    I love the hosting component of game night too…although I don't get to do it very often! Keep on comin with your roasted nut recipe, great Xmas ideas as we in the states approach that time of year. These look absolutely divine too. I love the pairing of honey with rosemary, genius!

  7. mjskit says

    I want to grab a handful right from the bowl! They look quite irresistible! I was surprised and delighted to see rosemary in the recipe. What an unexpected ingredient and a flavor I love!

  8. Chompchomp says

    Thanks to my fructose malabsorption honey is a no go. COuld I replace it with maple syrup and still be deliciousnesses?

  9. Chewtown says

    Absolutely! Maple syrup would work well. In other news, there's another gluten free cake coming your way soon – Apple and Strawberry Bread. :)

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