Vanilla Sugar and Lemon Sugar


It is a short and sweet post today my friends as today is my birthday and I have far too much celebrating to do! I’ve taken the day off work, which is what everyone should do on their birthdays, and have begun the day at a local cafe eating breakfast, drinking coffee and reading The Recipe Writer’s Handbook… Heaven

I’ve been meaning to make flavoured sugars for some time now. I love the idea that you can elevate sugar to another level by infusing it with wonderful flavours. A couple of weeks ago in the midst of a gigantic cooking weekend, I finally bit the bullet and whipped up a jar of vanilla sugar and lemon sugar. They are extremely easy to make and can be used to flavour tea and coffee, can be sprinkled on cookies and pancakes or baked into desserts. You’d be surprised at the number of uses you an come up with for these fragrant sugars.

Now, back to birthday celebrations. I awoke this morning to Scotty giving me the best present a girl (who loves cooking) could ever want! An artisan kitchenaid mixer… isn’t she beautiful. I think I’ll have to name her – any ideas?


  1. EverydayMaven says

    Happppppy Birthday! I think you should name the mixer "chewy". Flavored sugars are such a simple, yet fantastic idea – thanks :)

  2. says

    Happy birthday! The sugars look fab and your new mixer is adorable. I love the color! Maybe you should name her after a totally iconic lady like Marilyn or Audrey or Jackie or Julia or Martha? I could list off more suggestions, but I'll stop there :)

  3. mjskit says

    Two great little sugars! I can easily see a little bit of the lemon sugar in my morning tea. Happy Birthday! What a Bday present! I would call her my Baby Blue. Let us know what you do end up naming it.

  4. says

    Happy birthday! I have the exact same colour kitchen aid – it is just as gorgeous in real life as in your photos :)

    Oh and a weird thing happened… I met a friend of yours, Ally, at one of my very best mates wedding a few weekends ago – how random! We were talking food blogs and she said 'Oh my friend has one' and I knew it! Such a small world :)

  5. cookingcrusade says

    Happy birthday! BEST birthday present of all time! And such a pretty it :)

    Great idea making flavoured sugars. I often chuck my discarded vanilla pods into my caster sugar container and it gives it a great scent and flavour :)

  6. Chewtown says

    Thanks Alyssa! I like the name suggestion linking back to the blog – putting this name on the shortlist.

  7. Chewtown says

    Thanks Connie. I love where you are going with iconic ladies… loving Jackie! (and of course Audrey… but that goes without saying). Sticking to your theme… I've just thought Twiggy might be good (English 60s model). Hmmm…

  8. Chewtown says

    Thanks Christie! I can't believe you bumped into Allie!? What a small world! You are presenting at EatDrinkBlog aren't you? I'll be there, so we'll get to meet and have a chat! :)

  9. Chewtown says

    I love them – Beatrix is my favourite from that list! I'm writing it down.
    Love to you and Heather! (and I love that you commented as Scotty's Dad!)

  10. says

    I love this lemon sugar and it's a great gift to give someone for the holidays. I love your blog too. Thanks for stopping by and liking and repinning my Pinterest photo for the culinary app contest. I really do appreciate it! Have a great day.

  11. says

    Happy BIrthday! What a gorgeous looking mixer! You'll love it – we have a Kitchen Aid that we've had for decades. They just keep going. And nice recipes. I've never done flavored sugar before, but love the idea. And so easy! The lemon variety is particularly attractive to me (I have a real weakness for lemon). Good stuff – thanks so much.

  12. bitemeshowme says

    Aww happy belated birthday. I am so jealous of your kitchenaide – she is gorgeous!!! :)
    Love the flavoured sugars – will work perfectly with the treats you'll be cooking up with that kitchenaide of yours 😛 xxx

  13. Scotty's Dad says

    Heather has another name suggestion
    Maybe you could ask John Willianson to write a song mix.

  14. Adam Garcia says

    Now that the gift giving season is nearly coming, gifts such as sweets will be very rampant. I think I'll have to buy pgx products to still keep me healthy.

  15. says

    I like baking vanilla and lemon cookies. Besides the amazing cookies, it also makes our house smell divine. Good thing we had the new dehumidifier with a vanilla scent. It makes our house smell like there's someone baking all the time.

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