Chew Town Bites: Honey Roasted Thyme and Bacon Pecans


If you are a regular reader of this blog you will be accustomed to my love of flavoured and roasted nuts. Perhaps you remember the Lemon and Garlic Almonds or the Honey Roasted Rosemary Cashews. Well, I’m continuing my series of roasted nuts with these Honey Roasted Thyme and Bacon Pecans.

So, why are roasted nuts so wonderful? They buy you time when hosting a dinner party! You can make them a couple of days prior and store in an airtight container ready for transferring to a serving dish the moment your guests arrive. Now, you could just serve them ordinary store bought roasted nuts but when you make them so moorish your guests are too busy polishing them off to realise you are only just starting to prepare their dinner.

While devising this recipe, I had in mind I wanted to create the sweet and salty effect that so pleases the palate when the balance of both is just right. I had already decided on pecans as the base nut as I love the rich buttery taste of pecan and I knew this flavour would pair beautifully with the bacon which I had already determined was making an appearance.

I’ve been pretty lucky when devising flavoured roasted nut recipes as I have consistently achieved wonderful results – fingers crossed this good luck continues. Even if you don’t have guests visiting, do yourself a favour and try making these nuts… I promise you they won’t last very long!


  1. mjskit says

    These sound really, really good!!! Pecans are my favorite nut and I love what you have done here! Love the addition of the thyme!

  2. bitemeshowme says

    oooh I am loving the bacon and honey flavour. I think it's going to be a winner in lots of people's books :)

  3. Chewtown says

    The thyme makes it I think. The addition of herbs to roasted nuts is the key to making them moorish I think!

  4. Chewtown says

    Well, I am a little nuts so maybe it is a fitting titie! Thanks for getting back to Alyssa too on 'rasher'.

  5. says

    BACON and NUTS??? Zomg that is intense…… Intensely AWESOME that is!! You never fail to keep us excited with your recipes. Good stuff you! =)

  6. Chompchomp says

    Don't you find these a little tooo addictive? I always end up over eating nuts when they taste this good! Far too dangerous, at least until the wedding is over lol!

  7. Chewtown says

    Thanks Teri! You could always leave out the bacon and it would still taste great. Happy New Year!! x

  8. Chewtown says

    Thanks Adrian. I certainly ate a lot of great food at home in Western Australia with my family. Just returned yesterday. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.

  9. Chewtown says

    Haha! I love your comments Winceee, they always make me smile :) Thanks for your gorgeous comment.

  10. Chewtown says

    Hi gorgeous! Long time no speak. Thanks for popping by. Love to catch up soon, you around in the coming weeks?

  11. Chewtown says

    I do Martine, but the trick is to only make them when you have guests over, then its a race to the finish line :) Good luck with the last bit of planning for the wedding, it was so great to see you in Perth xx

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