A New Year – Lobster Ravioli, Veal Involtini & Crème Brûlée



Happy New Year friends.

For the last two weeks Scotty and I have been back in Perth, Western Australia spending the Christmas and New Year break visiting my Italian family and spending much needed time with my two gorgeous nieces. Before we left Sydney, I had this wonderful idea that I would sit at my parents holiday house putting together post after post of my recent cooking escapades. Alas, what actually happened was lots of eating (posts to come), lots of nanna napping, and a desire to ‘unplug’ from online sources for a little while – there are times when you need to listen to what your body is telling you methinks.

After my short break, I am back and ready to push on with an exciting year of food ahead. To start the year with a bang (and to make up for a two week hiatus) I am offering up three spectacular recipes for you today as a treat.

During the final week of work at Opera Australia last year, our Director of Development decided that our department (made up of my sponsorship team, the philanthropy team and the special events team) would do something a little different for our end of year celebration. Our team of twelve is a great group of food lovers so it was decided that we would all cook a three course meal together, then sit down and eat it as a group. The two of us planned the entire menu in the weeks leading up to the date as ‘Team Bulding Menu’ was added as a special item on our weekly meeting agenda. We decided on the following menu:

  1. Entree: Lobster Ravioli with Lobster Tail and Prosciutto
  2. Main: Baked Veal Involtini in Tomato Passata
  3. Dessert: Crème Brûlée

When the day arrived we were ready to go with all ingredients pre-purchased and the wine chilled and ready for drinking. The only time sensitivity would be whether we could put together all the courses before we had too much wine!

We all arrived and split into two groups – I lead half the team in making the fresh pasta and lobster ravioli and our Director of Development led the other half in making the veal involtini. Our dessert had already been made and all it needed was a quick torch of the top of the crème brûlée before eating.

It came together beautifully and effortlessly, and as we all sat down to eat the food, we were so proud of what we created and were definitely closer as a team – it was a great success!

In other news: I have just found out that I was the overall winner of December’s DMBLGIT competition with my Braided Cinnamon and Pecan Bread picture. Thanks so much to all the judges and to Jehanne from The Cooking Doctor who hosted this month’s competition. I was touched to read the great feedback on my pic from Katie Quinn Davis of What Katie Ate.


  1. Grant Nowell says

    Great pictures and sensational recipes, lobster ravioli looks fantastic and I will give that a go for sure

  2. managedmacros says

    I really don't know how you could impress me more. It surely does not look "effortless!" It is creative, decedent, artful and inspiring. This level of cooking goes beyond cooking. You are creating edible art. I only wish to be a guest in your home to enjoy. Impressive meal my friend, congratulations on your award, recognition and have a very happy new year!

  3. says

    Some fantastic recipes here! Such a great meal. Glad you had a chance to unwind a bit – it's really necessary, IMO. Great pictures, great food, great post. Thanks so much.

  4. bitemeshowme says

    A happy new year to you lovely. Sounds like you had a much needed break to recharge your batteries. What a lovely way to begin the new year – the ravioli, involtini and creme brulee all look so mouth watering. I haven't had breakfast yet but I just want to lick the screen.

  5. says

    I have never attempted to cook with lobsters at home but they taste yummy in anything. Your pictures made me hungry even though I just had breakfast.

  6. bitesizedjessica says

    Love your beautiful menu and gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing your recipes and techniques, this looks fantastic and your family is lucky to have you cooking for them. Happy New Year!

  7. says

    You have shared some of my absolute fav food, making me drool here! It must be fun to cook in a team right :)
    Happy New Year to you and hope you have the best one!

  8. flower127 says

    Sorry for the SUPER comment but HAPPY NEW YEAR Amanda!!! 😀 What a wonderful meal I love the look of the lobster ravioli and hehe creme brulee really is one of your favourite desserts YAY!!! xox

  9. afracooking says

    Best wishes for the new year! but with this sort of kick-off it can only turn out wonderfully! I love these dishes!

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