Fig, Plum and Whipped Mascarpone Stack


My dad is a lover of fruit and each week he would return from the Italian club in Perth with trays of fruit while we were growing up. He would get in trouble with my mother as he could never stop at one tray and we used to have to give large portions of fruit away to our family friends.

As a young man in his home town of Quintodecimo, he would jump fences and steal fruit from the local Italian fruit growers… he would tell us that that fruit always tasted the sweetest.

My favourite memories of living at home with dad in Perth was when he would take ripe peaches and a knife (no plate or napkins) and sit on the couch cutting them into perfect portions and handing them out to us. I do miss after dinner fruit time with dad.

Scotty isn’t a lover of stone fruit or figs so it was fortuitous that when he was recently away for a work trip I saw the most perfect figs and sugar plums. I took this as a sign from the cosmos and snapped them up immediately.

When thinking about what to create with these fruity beauties I knew I wanted to make a dessert in honour of my father. I grilled the fruite and paired them with shortcrust pastry rounds and whipped mascarpone to create a wonderful dessert stack. These are so easy to make and would be impressive served at any dinner party – the perfect combination.

Now for a little disclaimer: I forgot to buy cream for the whipped mascarpone so I’ve amended the recipe to include it… it would be much smoother with it added.



  1. says

    Looks delicious. There is nothing like ripe, blistered fruit, something creamy and rich, and something crumbly or crunchy alongside. Beautiful presentation too!

  2. bitemeshowme says

    I absolutely love how fantastic your food looks, and come to the recipe, it's not all that difficult. how you do it, I don't know but I friggen love it!

  3. akismet-2b87f2a7ea8bd14bccd88a938ad6edf6 says

    Yumm this looks so delicious!! I absolutely love anything with figs in it, sweet or savoury.

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