Pistachio, Walnut and Coconut Nougat – The Sweet Swap Recipe


Well, it’s hard to believe but our 2013 event The Sweet Swap is almost over. Six months ago Sara (Belly Rumbles) and I started working on an idea Sara had for an event where Australian food and lifestyle bloggers cook and send parcels of sweet treats in the post to three other bloggers all while raising money for ChildFund Australia. Based on the extremely successful international Cookie Swap event already in its second year, we wanted The Sweet Swap to challenge and delight its participants.

And challenge it did…

Everyone can bake a cookie, but what if we were forced to be a little more creative? Forced to step out of our comfort zone and push ourselves to try something that we’ve never tried before. Well, let me tell you, making sweets is definitely a challenge – which 55 Australian bloggers found out.

Sara and I spent four nail biting weeks watching social media as many of The Sweet Swap participants tried elements of their recipes multiple times and took to twitter to voice their frustrations. We were amazed at how much everyone was pushing themselves and hoping to god that you would all realise that it was worth it once packages started arriving on your doorsteps.

Well my friends… was it all worth it? We think it was!

It was a lot of work from our end, but we loved it. We both feel we’ve learnt a lot in the process of organising the inaugural event and are delighted to announce that the event will definitely be back in 2014!

Monday 15 July is the date when all 55 blogger who participated take to their blogs to talk about their experience and share their recipes. From these posts there will be three prizes drawn for Best Recipe, Best Photo and Best Post with the winners receiving great prizes from our event partner Russell Hobbs. Good luck!

I’d like to take a moment to talk about my gorgeous co-host of The Sweet Swap, Sara (Belly Rumbles). I have absolutely loved working with Sara on The Sweet Swap and together we have forged an amazing friendship that will stand the test of time. A big big thank you to Sara for being the amazing and wonderful friend that you are!

So, without further ado, here are my Sweet Swap matches for 2013


1. Unbelievably flavourful Peanut Butter Fudge from Christine at Cooking Crusade – Thanks Christine!

2. Caramelised Cornflake Pralines; Lemon Myrtle & Thyme Shortbread; and Chocolate & Peanut Butter Fudge from Monica at Gastromony – Yep, I got THREE treats from Monica!!

3. Mallow Rough from Johnny at Perfection Chocolates – You have to teach me how you make that amazing marshmallow!


I’m a total lover of Italian nougat and have often thought about making it, but I just never got around to it. Well, the sweet swap has rectified that oversight and after a session of flavour planning and recipe development and a few hours in the kitchen, I sent the following three lovelies my Pistachio, Walnut and Coconut Nougat (at least I hope they all received them in the post!):

1. Billy from A Table for Two
2. Tina from bitemeshowme
3. Daisy from Never Too Sweet

I’m delighted to share this recipe with you all below – I highly recommend trying to make your own nougat sometime. It’s just so unbelievably tasty when its freshly made!


  1. says

    Great job Amanda (and Sara too!) The swap was a lot of fun and looking forward to future swaps. As you can tell, I had way too much fun and made more treats than I needed to (I'll read instructions better next time!). I loved all the goodies I got :) Thanks again!
    My recent post Gwyneth Paltrow’s Bummer Bars

  2. pallyme54 says

    Thank you so much for organising this event! It certainly turned out to be so much more than I expected! I hope you run it again next year!

  3. bitemeshowme says

    your nougat was amazing, amanda. LIKE, AMAZINGGGGGGGGG!! It felt home made, and it was so comforting to eat. I can def say I was very lucky to be one of your matches haha. Thanks again for co-organising. You guys did a great job!

  4. Rachel Southwood says

    YUM! This looks amazing, I was secretly holding out for nougat as one of my sweets. I'll just have to make this instead!

  5. Annie@Random Foodie says

    i wish i got your sweets! they look soo delicious! thank you so much for organising The Sweet Swap!

  6. says

    BIG congratulations for organising such a great event for such a wonderful cause, looks like everyone has had tremendous fun with it (and in a world full of emails who doesn't love a bit of tactile, legitimate mail?). Your nougat looks great, very nice photos too. :)

  7. says

    Yum … your nougat looks irresistible. I've never made it, but have always been intrigues by it … thanks for sharing this recipe … I think it's going on my to-do list! Oh, and thanks for hosting this swap … too much fun!!

  8. Chompchomp says

    What a great job of organising you girls have done! Thank you so much for convincing me to join! I'm not sure mine looked nearly as professional as everyone else's but I can guarantee they tasted amazing! A massive thanks to Alana, Louie and Angie for their sweets too!

  9. natashajean says

    They look so perfect. Nougat is one of those sweets that I love, but never actually buy. Maybe I'll have to try making some instead. :)

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