Edible Flower and Elderflower Popsicles

The tides are turning in Sydney and it’s finally getting hot again. After what felt like a very cold winter, we of the land of surf and sea have been counting the days till summer returns.

Now, when I say it felt like a cold winter, it didn’t snow at all or rain too much, and it never got close to zero, but for Sydney-siders it was chilly (laugh at us if you will).

With warmer days upon us, and a rather warm Saturday recently, I was excited to bust out my popsicle moulds which I had purchased in the height of winter – you have to be prepared for all last minute recipe ideas as a food blogger.

I recently bought a container of gorgeous edible flowers at the Orange Grove Market from the wonderful team at Darling Mills Farm. The purchasing of edible flowers and micro herbs had long been on my mind, but I just hadn’t had the opportunity to get to Orange Grove. This led to a rather impressive over-purchase of micro chard, micro watercress, micro salad leaves, pea tendrils and edible flowers (carried away much?).

So after making a couple of great dishes which will soon feature on the blog, I found myself with an abundance of wonderful micro herbs and edible flowers left over. After a short time in the fridge I knew that if I didn’t use the remaining gorgeous edible flowers soon, I would be left with rather sad petals, so it didn’t take long for me to formulate a cunning plan, one which would use all the flowers in a way that showcased their beauty while letting me use one of my new popsicle moulds.

But I couldn’t just freeze the edible flowers in water, I needed to create a delicately flavourful popsicle that married with the beauty of the edible flowers. This is when I quickly remembered I had a bottle of elderflower cordial sitting in the cupboard just waiting for its perfect moment to shine.

I definitely am a ‘purchase-items-as-I-see-them’ and not ‘as-I-need-them’ type of person. It means I don’t often have to go out looking for that ‘special’ item. It also means I reach the end of my pay packets more quickly than most as I rapidly fill up my pantry and ‘blog room’ with props and food supplies.

The delicate flavour of the elderflower cordial worked perfectly with these popsicles. They looked so beautiful and were a lot of fun to eat. Also, it meant we got to enjoy the gorgeous flowers without having to see sad and droopy petals.


  1. says

    Love these popsicles! They’re gorgeous. It’s still warm here, but it’ll be cold soon enough. I’m looking forward to cooler weather, but not the frigid winter many are predicting. But we’ll see whether they’re right about that! Fun post – thanks.
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  2. says

    wow so incredibly gorgeous! toying with the idea of making these as favors for my wedding. probably a tad bit too ambitious, but these are just stunning!

  3. Jenny Tamara says

    I must give these a try. I live a minute away from the Orange Grove markets – definitely goung there this weekend to slurge on the edible flower goodness !


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