Preserved Lemons

Now that things are back to normal after the Christmas crazies, it is time to take to the kitchen again for relaxing weekend cooking. Time to stock up your pantry with wondrous items and cook for the love of it, not just because you have a swarm of hungry Christmas mouths to feed.

This one is all about going back to basics. Making something that takes a lot of time, but little effort. It is about the process that naturally happens without your involvement that creates the final product  – you are just the facilitator. Something you can prepare in between making other things, to later enjoy the spoils of. Something that you will likely not have used often in your cooking (unless you are of Indian or North African descent), but something you will easily find excuses to put in everything once you have it in abundance.

Preserved lemon is gloriously tart, sweet and a little bitter, without the face crumpling result of eating fresh lemon. In this incarnation, the sought after element  is the rind which will elevate your dish to the next plane. It works wonders when paired with roast chicken, seafood, olives and more, and can be added to salads, couscous, risotto and pasta dishes.

You will only need lemons and rock salt to make this magic happen and it will take about 15 minutes to put together and bottle before the waiting game begins. My trick was to put the bottle in the back of the pantry and diarise it’s readiness four weeks later.

The resulting preserved lemon jars make wonderful foodie gifts and will light up the faces of any recipients.



  1. says

    Hi Julie, when stored correctly, the shelf life can be over a year. They should be stored in a dark corner of your pantry ensuring they are in a tightly sealed jar and are kept topped up with lemon juice.

  2. says

    Just came across your site from a Pinterest image of the chicken and using this preserved lemon. Amazing photos and this site is wonderful, lots of good stuff. I made these preserved lemons and a tagine as well and added ground fennel, coriander and cinnamon to the preserving lemons. Great flavors. Thanks!
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  3. Thomas says

    Thanks for the recipe. How long do the rest of the lemons keep once I’ve opened the jar and taken a few out?

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      Hi Thomas, once you have opened the jar it is best to keep them in the fridge to extend their life. They should last for 1 year opened ensuring that the lemons remain covered by the salt and juice the whole time.


  1. […] And the last 10, I have made some preserved lemons! Eeeekkkk. I am completely in love with Moroccan inspired dishes and I have been wanting to make preserved lemons for about 5 years. Finalmente, I have done it and they look amaze-balls. I have to wait about 4-6 weeks till we can use them but don’t they look so wuvely. I am pretty chuffed and surprised how easy it was to do. […]

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