Blackened Barramundi with Spelt Flatbread

Necessity is most definitely the mother of invention… 

Picture this.

You’ve been working like crazy in the lead up to the easter break. You wake up on Good Friday remembering that it is a public holiday and that you’ve forgotten to get to the shops in time. There are a few things in the vegetable crisper, but aside from that, not much else – except wine, but its always on hand these days given how stressful its been at work. It’s not looking good.

You jump in the car and drive around for a while trying to figure out how the hell you are going to piece together dinner. It’s soon confirmed that nothing is open.

Then, you have an idea – there’s that fish and chip shop around the corner that is bound to be open on good friday. Sure enough it is, and they let you buy two gorgeous pieces of barramundi from them. Ok, its a start.

Back home and you rummage through the kitchen for 15 minutes. This yields spelt flour, sour cream, corn, avocado and coriander. You follow this up with a 30 minute rumination on the ingredients at hand to find a way to turn them into something flavourful. Spices add flavour, and you have a full spice rack with almost every spice available for purchase in the land of spices… because, that’s how you roll. Blackened barramundi – CHECK.

Ok, you can serve the barramundi with a side salad, but that’s boring, and you avoid boring at all costs. There’s got to be something interesting you can do with spelt flour. Flatbread. You search a few flatbread recipes and come across a recipe with plain flour that uses yoghurt as the binding agent. Ok, so you can use spelt flour instead of plain flour and sour cream instead of the yoghurt. Like for like.

You make the flatbread, cook the barramundi on the flat grill and throw it together with lettuce, corn salsa and coriander.

The result? It’s good… actually its really good. It’s excellent.

The moral? Life is always going to be hectic, but you really can make a lot from very little if you are willing to experiment.

In other news, I found out last week that I was a finalist in the food category of the Best Australian Blogs Competition run by the Australian Writer’s Centre. I was extremely surprised and elated to be a finalist – thanks AWC. Congrats to all the other finalists and to Christina from The Hungry Australian for taking out the top gong!


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      It doesn’t always come that easily Martine! But when it does its very satisfying. :) and don’t think we haven’t all just decided to go to a restaurant when it all seems too hard.

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    What a great story of churning out something great out of what seemed like nothing at the time. Such a stroke of inspiration at a time when you needed it most — love it! I have been actively trying to replace my red meat intake with fish (because I just feel healthier after), this would be a good time to do just that!
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    I just love blackened fish such a great combination of spices. It looks too delicious in that flat bread that you have cooked so perfectly. I did the same thing at easter I was stuck without ingredients as I was so busy I just forgot it was ah holiday.


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