Braided Cinnamon and Pecan Bread


Further to the announcement of my new Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer, I’ve been considering everyone’s thoughts on what to name her (thanks to all for the ideas) and I’ve chosen the name Beatrix – kindly suggested by Scotty’s dad. I like Beatrix for a few reasons: 1. It reminds me of Beatrix Potter, 2. It means ‘Bringer of Joy’, 3. It beats… and will be called Beatrix! (nuff said).

Once I’d settled on the name, the most important decision was to come… what to make with it first! I knew I wanted to make something sweet and bread-y. This led me to cinnamon scrolls, which led me to devising my own cinnamon and pecan filling, which led me to scrapping the scrolls idea altogether and instead settling on making one giant braided cinnamon and pecan bread – such fun.

It took a little while to come up with the recipe for the filling but after some consideration, I opted for a butter, cinnamon, pecan, brown sugar and hazelnut meal mixture, and it was wonderful. There is no place for regular cinnamon buns in this household.

Making the braided bread is actually much simpler than you might think. Once you have made the bread dough, you roll it into a large rectangle, spread the filling on top, roll it, slice it down the centre, plait it and roll the plait around itself … ok, it sounds complicated when you read it, but just look at the how to photos in the recipe below and you get the idea. It is a simple way to achieve an impressive result.

In other news… I’m writing this from Adelaide as I’m in town to attend the annual EatDrinkBlog food bloggers conference which starts tomorrow morning. Looking forward to meeting more of my fellow Aussie foodies first thing at the Adelaide Central Market!

NOTE: Let’s face it, bread tastes the best the day it is made. If you find yourself with leftover bread, how about turning it into a bread and butter pudding – with all the gorgeous cinnamon and pecan flavour, you dont need to add much to the custard to make a wonderful pudding.


  1. says

    Love the name Beatrix! And what a great recipe to christen your new mixer with. The bread is gorgeous and I love how you braided it. Now I'm looking forward to that bread pudding recipe :)

    PS: Have fun at the food blogger conference!

  2. Monique says

    Beatrix is also the queen of the Netherlands. Good choice! If only your Mixer was orange (national color of NL). Love your recipe, I will try this very soon!

  3. managedmacros says

    WOW! I am Immmm-pressed! I wish I had the baking bug and talent because it is such an art. I love your rustic photographs and the name Beatrix too, very appropriate! Mesmerizing!! A+!

  4. winstonthehungryexcavator says

    Omg Amanda!! How have I not known about your blog earlier all your photos and recipes are AMAZING, are you kidding me?! Good stufffff and yay again for winning that KitchenAid tonight, you rock! =)

  5. Claire@TheTummyTrain says

    Oh my goodness. I can't even think of anything sensible to say right now except YUM!!! That looks absolutely delicious!!! I'm definitely trying this one out!

  6. says

    Beatrix is a great name! And this recipes is pretty darn nice, too. Love the flavors, and I've had several pounds of pecans stashed in the freezer for quite awhile now. Maybe time to liberate some of them into a tasty bread? Good stuff – thanks.

  7. bitemeshowme says

    Perfect choice with Beatrix – it didn't even occur to me to break it down to "beat" haha! I love the braid on the bread. I think I would have been too scared to even try that but it looks absolutely gorgeous!! I am super impressed!

  8. Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy says

    Love the name! and this bread! Mmm carbs – this would go perfectly with my coffee right now. So good to meet you lovely!!

  9. says

    Just realised I pinned this as soon as I saw it but neglected to leave a comment – naughty! Great to meet you at the conference on the weekend and I can't wait to give this bread a crack! :)

  10. Chewtown says

    Thanks Connie! The conference was lots of fun – its always great spending time with like-minded people.

  11. Chewtown says

    Hi Rachel, I'm not sure. I've just done some reading on it, and I would suggest making it all the day before and then par baking it for 10-15 minutes. Then you could finish off the baking the next day just before you are ready to eat it.

  12. Chewtown says

    Hi Monique, I didn't know Beatrix is the queen of the Netherlands! Let me know how it turns out for you if you do make it.

  13. Chewtown says

    The baking bug has really only come to me recently. It's absolutely about trial and error! Thanks as always for the lovely words. :)

  14. Chewtown says

    Haha Thanks Claire! It was so great with coffee and tea. I may even make a glaze to go over it next time.

  15. Chewtown says

    Thanks John. Haven't tried brading before so I'm delighted you think its ok! I can safely say it was brilliant with coffee.

  16. Chewtown says

    Absolutely! I don't often use pecans, but they worked so well in this. I'm definitely going to use them more.

  17. Chewtown says

    I've decided to bite the bullet on a lot of things that used to make me nervous about cooking. I've realised that the worst thing that can happen is that it doesn't work and I make it again! Luckily in this instance, it worked first time!

  18. Chewtown says

    Haha – you are so right about carbs. I made a rolled pizza the recipe after this one that I am going to post soon… I'm such a slave to carbe. It was so great meeting you too and I look forward to a catch up soon.

  19. Chewtown says

    Haha. I love that you pinned it! Thank you. I really enjoyed meeting you at the conference too!

  20. Chompchomp says

    He he I can relate, I named my DSLR Gordon. Was so amazing to meet you on the weekend in Adelaide. You are such a talented person and soooo deserved the photography prize! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. says


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  22. Deanna says

    Hey Mands,
    Photography on this looks amazing. You know I love anything bready (the Italian's curse) so I think I might try this. Looks a little like a Christmas wreath so perfect timing!

  23. Silvia says

    Hi, great photos, that's the first what caught my attention! I thought I can veganize this easily (soy milk, vegan margarine, egg replacement). Have just put the whole thing in the oven.. so far looks great and smells even better. It's quite similar to my cinnamon rolls.. love the different shape though. I am wondering only about one thing – I had to add almost another full cup of bread flour to be able to work with the dough, 2 cups were far away not enough to match the 300ml of milk. May I just ask how was your dough after mixing 2 cups of flour and the 300ml of milk? Mine just too wet to handle, after adding extra flour the dough raise really nicely within half an hour and once braided, 10mins and doubled in size. Well see how the texture gets once ready. Thanks for sharing with so great site!

  24. Silvia says

    ok just a follow up. The bread baked nicely in about 45 mins but I have to admit it tasted a little too bread like, heavy, especially the side & top layer. Could be cause of the extra flour I had to add to work with it,s who knows. But tasted good anyway. Thx for the recipe.


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