Mushroom and Asparagus Fritters


I’ve certainly eaten my fair share of fritters in my time. My history with fritters is all thanks to my mother who often cooked them for us growing up as snacks. She would make a batch of them and leave them in the fridge for us to grab while we were staring into the fridge looking for a snack – they usually never lasted the day.

You have probably noticed my fascination with fritters thanks to my posts featuring these Roasted Cauliflower and Provolone ones, Halloumi and Vegetable ones, and Corn and Zucchini ones. So, it can’t hurt to add another one to the list of Chew Town fritters, with this Mushroom and Asparagus version!

The key to coming up with your own combination of fritter flavours is understanding the cooking time of your ingredients. Those ingredients like mushroom, asparagus and zucchini don’t take long at all to cook in a pan, so when the cooking time of a fritter is only a few minutes either side these types of ingredients don’t need to be pre-cooked when added to the batter. However, for the cauliflower and provolone fritters, as cauliflower takes longer to cook than the cooking time of a fritter, it needs to be pre-cooked before going into the batter.

Looking into the fridge the other night I spied a fantastic bunch of asparagus I had bought at the markets on the weekend and sitting next to it was a bag full of earthy swiss brown mushrooms. A quick search of my fridge and freezer led me to the realisation that somehow we had eaten all the protein in the house without a restock. It didn’t take long for my mind to lead itself in the direction of fritters. I love them because you throw everything together in a large bowl then fry them. A pretty quick and easy method for midweek cooking when you are tired and can’t be bothered standing in the kitchen for too long.

I hadn’t ever made fritters with the combination of asparagus and mushroom, somehow I knew it would either be great… or terrible. Lucky for me it was the former. I loved the combination of the two – the addition of the mushroom turned the fritters an earthy tone and the taste of the mushroom and asparagus together were a perfect flavourful match.


  1. cookingcrusade says

    I love fritters but for some reason have never thought to include mushrooms in them but I can't think why! I can only imagine the awesome flavour it would add. Great recipe!

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