Spiced Brasil Nuts


We had a small gathering of people at our place on Australia Day last weekend… yet we had enough food for an army – Overcatering is becoming our style. Our theory is that if we cook up a feast when we have guests over on the weekend, we have enough left overs for the whole week.

With Scotty demanding that he have the opportunity to cook for our friends for a change (have I mentioned before that I have a tendency to dominate the kitchen?) I let him sort out the roasted potatoes and 4 different types of BBQ meats – ribs, chicken thighs, pork sausages and grilled lamb – while I insisted that I at LEAST be able to make flavoured nuts!

Flavoured nuts are kind of becoming an obsession for me (see here, here and here), and with all of those flavoured nut recipes coinciding with the entertaining of our friends C & JJ, it’s becoming the expected thing when they come over.

Sure enough our friends were over again on Australia Day and I had to deliver my nutty goods. We had gone to Foodies Market that day and I spied some lovely brazil nuts at my favourite nut stall so I grabbed a bag and began planning the next nut instalment.

I wanted to steer away from honey this time, so I got home, looked at the spices in the cupboard and got to work on sweetly spiced nuts.

They were an absolute winner and polished off in no time. These nut recipes are so easy, so there’s no excuse for not trying them next time you have guests!


  1. says

    Great looking nuts! I love the hit of cardamon that you've included. I usually make savory spicy nuts, but definitely need to make some sweet ones soon. Good stuff – thanks.

  2. says

    I'm not sure what I would do if I had competition in the kitchen! I'm glad that my man-friend is completely uninterested in the cooking.

  3. Connie says

    I always think it's better to have too much food than not enough… overcatering is the way to go :) These nuts look perfectly spiced and totally addicting!

    PS: I love your new header! When did that happen? It looks great!

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