Candy Cane Meringues

There is always that one dish that you feel you just aren’t ever going to get right.

For me its been the dreaded meringue and and its the reason why you’ve never seen a meringue recipe on Chew Town… till now. Sure, I’ve made heaps of attempts in the last few years but they’ve never made it to the blog (can somebody say perfectionist?).

After yet another meringue failure earlier in the year (peanut butter meringues this time), I was determined that by the end of 2013 I was going to have a successful meringue recipe on the blog or so help me god!

This time I approached my nemesis with caution, I researched a number of meringue recipes of all different flavours and finally pieced together what I thought could possibly create the perfect meringue. Being Christmas and with a candy cane theme already in mind for 2013, these candy cane meringues were born – and they worked perfectly just in the nick of time. Huzzah!

This recipe generated a healthy batch of 50 meringues which were shared happily among my colleagues at Opera Australia. All reports were that they had the perfect blend of crisp and chew (music to my ears). Finally, I had a meringue recipe worth sharing – and I’m delighted to now share it with you.


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      Haha! Anytime! Would love to have you around. The prop room is definitely epic! Gets bigger by the day and I think Scott has finally learned to deal with it now. Its all about flea markets and ebay!

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