Fennel Frond Salt

Fennel is used a lot in Italian cooking. But while the bulb features regularly in recipes, most people don’t realise that every part of fennel is edible – the stems, fronds and pollen also – and each delivers its own version of the wonderful fennel flavour.

The fronds are great used in salads as a herb, but when each bulb comes with an abundance of fronds, it is with a heavy heart that they are often cut off and binned. In some instances, when bought in the supermarket, the fronds aren’t even left on the fennel which means there is a bag of fronds out the back just crying out to be used. Luckily, our fennel is bought from our local farmers market, fronds and all.

The next time you buy a bulb of fennel don’t discard the fronds, just make a jar of this fennel frond salt. It is a great simple recipe that will leave you with a wonderful condiment that you will find excuses to put on almost everything.



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