Raspberry and Pistachio Praline Buttercake

Baby cakes.

No, it’s not Scotty’s new nickname for me… it’s my new favourite type of cake!

It’s the type of cake that is perfect for a group of four, for a little celebration that doesn’t need the grandeur of a large cake. Great when you don’t want to be tempted by leftover cake for days. Also, it doesn’t take much to decorate baby cakes all you need is a bit of cream, a few berries and voila!

Scotty’s mum recently moved into a new house. She had been in the old house since 1979, so it was definitely a big move for her! Moving after so many years is full of many emotions so I wanted to create a little something special to celebrate that the three of us could share together.

My parents still live in the house I was born in back home in Perth, and 32 years later I’m still not sure how I would feel if they moved – it would be a big deal for us kids so I know it was a big deal for Scott and his mum. My mum is totally ruthless about not keeping things in our house once we were done with them so I only have very faint memories of my favourite toys (the only toys I remember are a hippopotamus toy piano and a miniature plastic tree with tiny people who lived inside it). It was fascinating helping Scott go through the storage areas of his mum’s house where every toy he ever owned still lived alongside his art projects and his old race car bed.

After all the old memories of yore were uncovered and tales were told about each item we found, a little cake was well needed once the move was made to make everyone feel better. And there is nothing better than a golden buttercake.

For this perfect sized four serve cake I used a 10cm springform butter cake and baked two layers which sat neatly on top of each other sandwiched with freshly made raspberry jam (recipe to follow), pistachio praline and fresh cream. It was like a little cakey hug!


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    This is just too pretty for words Amanda – I don’t know what I’d do if my parents ever moved out of their place. To be fair, we’ve only been here since ’97, but my entire teenage life fits into my old bedroom. I’m terrified of what will happen when they finally ask me to collect all the leftover stuff!
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    What a beautiful cake! My mum never settled in one place and has long moved out of any house that I had lived in growing up. My hubby speaks so fondly of the house he grew up in, and not having experienced it I never really understood :) 32 years is a long time to live in one place, and one house!
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    My mum is also quite ruthless. As I moved out of home when I was 17, she took the liberty many moons ago to slowly expel hoarded childhood memories. I can see where I inherited the “minimalist” genes from!

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    I’ve lived in the same house for 24 years now – I don’t know how I’d feel about moving out.. luckily for me that won’t happen until I get married (asian traditions).. the thought of it scares me though.

    If this cake is a baby cake I don’t even think I’d want to share…. haha
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      Haha! I understand the staying at home till you get married. Luckily, I moved away from Perth to Sydney so was able to leave the Italian house… and now, I’ve moved in with my boyfriend (that was an interesting one to navigate with my parents!!)

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    I tried to pin your picture a few times throughout the night & I kept getting an error saying they were having problems talking to your site…just thought I’d let you know that….also beautiful dish, I can’t wait to veganize it ❤ ❤ ❤
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      Hi Ashleigh! Thanks for your lovely words (and for letting me know about the pinning issue – I’ll have my web guys look into it). Looking forward to seeing your vegan version!!

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